“New Orleans House…pinhole”

I think of this as the ‘New Orleans’ house. It sits on a narrow [I think 25 foot] lot and is mostly hidden by a generous amount of vegetation. It’s the kind of place I can drool about. Built fairly recently its brick and wood construction and generous porches make it a pleasure to look at and imagine sipping ice tea and mint julep on a sunny spring afternoon there.
The sky was clear and the strong sun falling on the structure and vegetation was creating  a pretty contrasty scene. I wanted to make sure to get some detail in the shadows, but not have the highlights bleed/fog the mid-tones and shadows. So I gave it a 75 second exposure and developed it for a bit over a minute in Photographers’ Formulary Liquidol Paper Developer.
As with the previous pinhole photos, the negative was made on old Ilford MG IV RC Pearl enlarging paper. When I run out of that, I think I will buy the glossy paper which is better for scanning, and also hopefully I will not get all those strange artifacts in the highlights that I am getting now on this old paper.

Here is the lot of them on my experimental website.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “New Orleans House…pinhole”

  1. Lovely photograph! The overgrown vegetation evokes a haunting feeling. I live in Florida as well. There are a few empty old cracker houses in the city where I live that I love to photograph.

    Thanks so much! At first I was not sure (I would be able to get a decent exposure, there is just so much vegetation. As you see I gave it a try anyhow and am pleased with the results. I think the vegetation really helps, especially if you live on a busy street. – I love photographing around old houses, especially if I can get somebody to dress up and ‘pose’ for me.

  2. akismet-7a7dc96260ac445b0efd49b2124c8a88 says:

    This series is fascinating to see you work through. Stupid questions: You’re doing this as positives from the exposure, right? So, is everything reversed?

    Many thanks Dave – I really appreciate your comment! No, its not a stupid question at all. Using the Ilford enlarging paper, I get a paper negative and then scan that and ‘process’ it digitally. First I ‘invert’ it to get a positive and then I play with the contrast and all that.

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