“Santa Croce and the Santa Barbara Pinhole Camera….”

What can I say, I should have taken more pinhole photos when we were in Florence. This is of course Piazza Santa Croce, and we lived right around the corner in Borgo Santa Croce 7. This photo was made with my wooden Santa Barbara pinhole camera, using enlarging paper in a 4×5 film holder. The camera can be used with those film holders or the film/paper can just be inserted into the back of the camera. I like sticking 5×10 sheepts of enlarging paper into the camera so that the paper is concave. It makes for a funky negative.
This was made before I had a computer or scanner, and thus did not realize how great paper negatives respond to being scanned and ‘processed’ in Photoshop. For me it is truly a joy to see them come alive that way. I get better prints that way than if I try and make a contact print in the darkroom.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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5 Responses to “Santa Croce and the Santa Barbara Pinhole Camera….”

  1. Mister Chu says:

    More. Go back immediately….

  2. :) thanks! I wish I could.

  3. simon0252 says:

    Florence is such a wonderful city. Long time since I was last there. Great to see a pinhole shot from its streets.

  4. Chris, could you give me – not now: when you’ve got time – a proper run-down on how this goes, please? I have a 5×4 Cambo monorail, with polaroid and readyload (quickload?) backs as well as standard film holders. I can use regular darkroom paper, but I also have a small stock of Centennial POP that is gradually fading while I wait for the sun to come out again; and I could also coat my own of course. Just not sure how to get my head around starting, that’s all.

  5. Sure Martyn, I will write something up this weekend and get it to you!

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