“Sale Pending….”

As on most mornings, I walked around the Beach Front Motel on my way to town. This is where I stayed some thirty years ago, when I came to town for the first time. It was February, the weather was sunny and balmy and a far cry from the Boston weather I had left early in the morning. I stayed upstairs in this part of the motel with a gorgeous view over the Gulf and the sunset. Although I had arrived just before dark, there was no place to eat in town that was still open. It was during the week, and there were not enough tourists to make it worthwhile for anybody to be open for dinner. So, I ended up going to the convenience store [The Old Jiffy] and getting a loaf of ‘bunny bread,’ a package of bologna and a coke.

Like so many of the ‘developments’ in our country, the Beach Front was so named after something that was there before they put the road in and erected the motel, in this case the beach. Think of ‘Possum Hollow,’ ‘Oaks Mall,’ ‘Country Lane,’……

The place has been empty now and “Bank Owned’ for a couple of years or so, I think, like so many other place in the country. For the life of me I cannot figure out the economics or politics of letting that kind of thing happen. There surely is enough business in town now so that the motel could be open, and ‘pay its way’ in some form. If nothing else, it could employ some people to run it, and also generate some income to at least pay some of the mortgage, but instead it sits empty, and is deteriorating.

Hey I am still willing to send a WaterWoman postcard to anybody who sends me their snail-mail address, which I won’t horde or give out. Just click here!

Oops – my printer just died!!!!

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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