“Who Needs A Lens…?”

For some reason there has been a lot of discussion, on the photo blogs I am reading, about the best lenses, largest sensors, and that kind of thing. All very valid, but in the end I think we need to remember that it is not the equipment, but our willingness to go out and do photo work. I have not done my share lately, except reworking older images. I came across this pinhole portrait done with a 35mm pinhole camera on Fuji Neopan 1600. It was a stark reminder for me to quit reading technical stuff and go out and photograph!

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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17 Responses to “Who Needs A Lens…?”

  1. jfayad says:

    very nice result.
    I`ve never tried to work with a pinhole camera. maybe I should

  2. That’s amazing, Chris. Well made!

  3. So very beautiful, a haunting image.

    As soon as it popped up on the screen I thought “what’s he up to now” If you keep raising the bar I will never have a hope of reaching it…

  4. Isa Marcelli says:

    I agree, it’s not about equipment ..
    This is a lovely portrait. You give me the desire to put a film in my pinhole.. Thanks a lot Christian.

  5. andybeel says:

    Hi Christain your last sentence said it all for me – thanks


  6. I totally appreciate all the comments and the thoughtfulness of them. They are a great source of encouragement to me, and I am sorry the comment section is not set up so that I can reply to each comment individually. I am especially glad to see that so many of you are enthusiastic about pinhole photography – it is really a great way to photograph, and I should probably do a few posts now and then about it.

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  8. Susie says:

    Gorgeous capture – I love the mysterious, otherworldly feel of pinhole images… thank you for sharing!

  9. Beautiful shot! I’ve only shot landscapes with my pinholes but this makes me think it’s time to try a portrait! Thanks for the inspiration.


    Thanks!!! Oh, absolutely, do portraits – you will love it!

  10. wonderful! I want to do more minimalist work like this in the future!

  11. Thanks David – yes, I often think it was a mistake for me to not do more pinhole work. Some of what I consider are my best portraits, are pinhole ones!

  12. bbylois says:

    Telling more by doing less . Indeed Chris , your message triggered us . I remember the leave of the analogue replaced by the pure digital . I ve made a study ,as part of my exams, in which i believe we are facing nowadays a kind of image inflation or even devaluation. The amount of trillion images causes a task for us to make a difference beside the ‘ wonderful’ and ‘ Nice shot ‘ appreciations. You offered a good example to start thinking going back to the basics. In addition and maybe I am the only one , I believe strongly that going back to analogue film is a possible answer to that kind of inflation. The analogue film business is low , I admit , but never brought to zero. Maybe that supports my believe. In any case , I kept my analogue cameras and I hope to experience why.

    • Hi Bart – as always, many thanks for your thoughtful comments. There is no doubt that we are going through a tremendous revolution when it comes to photography. The equipment and its capabilities are changing faster than we [I] can keep track of. Having said that, I must admit that I do love digital. And I think as I have shown with my Cyanotypes, there are ways of having ones cake and eating it too. Personally I am not sure that I will go back to film ‘full steam.’ In the ‘old days’ it was not unusual for me to use ten rolls of 36 exposure film when doing somebody’s portrait. Now I don’t think I either have the stamina nor the money to ever do ten rolls of film on a single subject, and then patiently develop, proof and print those rolls.
      I do think I want to stick with some pinhole photography, especially with my 4×5 inch pinhole camera, doing paper negatives. The great thing about that is that using the paper negative in conjunction with a scanner, I can make much better prints, of any seize I desire, than I was able to do with the old contact printing method………..

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