“Cold Fronts, Clouds and Islands…”

A ‘cool’ front was passing through last night and this morning when I took my walk. So it was still humid and interesting looking clouds moved across the sky. I could see blue sky through the clouds, and figured they would not ‘hang around very long.’ This one is looking east just a few steps from our front door. About a mile down the road, looking across the water at Atsena Otie Key, there was for a brief moment, a break in the clouds and I could see a bit of blue sky and this contrail far above the low flying clouds.I really don’t think of myself as a landscape or ‘cloud’ photographer, but I have certainly enjoyed my recent photographs which have concentrated on those scenes.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “Cold Fronts, Clouds and Islands…”

  1. You may not be a cloud photographer, but your images are often land- or seascapes, and show your part of the world in a great way. This weather front is just one example.

    Not sure if I can insert a photo in a comment, but if not I’ll put a link to my “cold front” picture. The cold front had left a dusting of snow across the seaside promenade, leaving behind high clouds in the evening sky.

    cold front

  2. Hi Martyn,
    Wow, that cold front picture is ‘cool’ in more ways than one. Thanks for the link. Ya, I wish there was an easier way to include a photo right with the post. Many thanks for your note, and of course, you encouraging comments!

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