“Funky Clouds, Atsena Otie Key and Cyanotype…”

This morning I walked down to the Arts Center to coat some Arches watercolor paper with Cyanotype emulsion. The moist and warm weather is still around, and as I was getting towards the Beach Front Motel, the clouds around the sun were making a rather funky pattern. They were changing rather rapidly and I really wanted to photograph them. The tide was out, and there were some dolphins playing  in the water in front of me. I desperately wanted to get the dolphins into the picture, but they weren’t surfacing and the clouds were moving. So, this one is without dolphins. [Atsena Otie Key in the background]

When I got to the darkroom, I did coat my paper with Cyanotype emulsion, and left it to dry , hopefully to use tomorrow morning. The sun was still behind the clouds, and it was not shining strong enough to give me the kind of exposure I was hoping for.

This time around I am using the pre-mixed Cyanotype chemistry from Photographers Formulary.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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