“A Pinhole Sunrise…”

Another new addition to my photo-store, this is one of Cedar Key’s enduring views. I love the ‘corner’ where this was taken. There is the old fish-house which no longer serves that purpose, unfortunately. Across the street are Rain’s cottages, and remnants of the old wooden bridge that now serves mostly as a storage place for crab traps. The fast food store with its gas station [the only one in town], or as it is known locally as the ‘New Jiffy’ even though it has been there the thirty so years that I have been in town, they collectively make, at least for me, a very important ‘Cedar Key’ place.
This photo was made with a pinhole camera, which is nothing more than a little plywood box with just a pinhole for its lens. One neat thing about pinhole cameras is that it is no problem taking photos almost directly into the sun.
The camera I used here is a somewhat fancy version known as the Zero 2000 . I have several pinhole cameras, ranging from the old Quaker Oatmeal box to a crude 16×20 plywood box I made to take that size enlarging paper for making pinhole paper negatives.

One thing that is very nice about the Zero 200 is that it takes 120 roll film, and thus I can make 12 exposures before it has to be ‘reloaded.’ It takes either b&w or color film. This particular photo was made with b&w Neopan 400 film, I developed myself and then scanned the negative. Of course I have also made regular b&w prints from the negative, and the ones that ‘worked’ for me the best were the ones made with lith developer.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “A Pinhole Sunrise…”

  1. timothy knoff says:

    hi, i see you have some great photos of Cedar Key,and of some people i know,i graduated from C.K.High school 20 years ago,thanks for posting these.

  2. Hey Timothy, thanks and I am delighted that you like the photos!

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