The Digtal Negative & Alternative Photographic Processes

(c) Ron Reeder

(c) Eric Chan

(c) Dan Burkholder

(c) David Chow

Working on perfecting my Cyanotype prints, I never tire of reading good articles about making digital negatives and getting good results printing them.  Recently I ran across several blogs & web sites with good info. My first digital negatives were made using Dan Burkholder’s book: Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing.  I got excellent results following his instructions and made very fine silver gelatin contact prints, Cyanotypes, Van Dyke Brown prints, and POP prints. I never forget one response I got [after posting the image] from a guy who tried to ‘prove’ to me that I would never get a good print using this process, because the numbers he ‘threw out’ conclusively proved that the digital workflow would NEVER be comparable to film. Well, since I had proof to the contrary in my hand, I could only smile.

Anyhow since that time hardware and software advances have been enormous.  Dan Burkholder has done loads of new work, and written extensively about the process.  His blog post about the modern digital negative is extremely instructive.  If you are interested in the subject, I highly recommend reading it.

Also interesting are David Chow’s blog: Alternative Photographic Processes and Ron Reeder’s web site about Quad-tone RIPs and digital negatives. I really don’t understand anything about Quadtone RIPS, but the digital negative portion of his blog has some good info.  And if you print with Epson printers you should also read Eric Chan’s thoughts on the subject.

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