Sex, Lies and Photoshop

sexliespsThere is an interesting op-ed video on the New York Times web site about body image and the ‘retouching’ of advertising and magazine photos.

My personal opinion is that there is less and less a chance of doing anything about this as digital dominates, and ‘retouching’ no longer is even the correct term.  I guess ‘post production’ would be a better term, but I think it is really assumed nowedays that there is ‘post procuction’ and acknowleding would do nothing to change this .

Well, take a look and see what you think.

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Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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3 Responses to Sex, Lies and Photoshop

  1. myphotoscout says:

    I think its a question of ethics. Do I remove zits with Photoshop or do I use the tool to remove unwanted elements from Propaganda material. People have always manipulated media for their needs, Photoshop just makes it easier.
    All powerful tools require a person with good ethics to use them or otherwise have the potential to be abused.
    I have no issue with retouching models for magazines.

  2. Nigel says:

    It’s hard to argue against a person’s First Amendment right to produce and publish fashion photography. Yet there is a cumulative effect that this imagery seems to be having on society. Oh well, it’s not the greatest of our modern problems.

    If we can let the sprawl monster and carbon emissions go unchecked for decades, then clearly we have a high tolerance for things that cumulatively disrupt society and produce unintended externalities (sedentary lifestyles in the case of cars, pathologically low body image in the case of photoshopped fashion/beauty ads). I think we should just acknowledge this effect via education rather than try to legislate such ads out of existence. A “surgeon general’s warning” isn’t going to do squat, though photo-re-touchers would probably appreciate getting credit for the crucial role they play in the production of these images.

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