“Vogue” – editioning & “1 Limited Release”

"Vogue"I can’t get around the fact that the editioning of photographic prints greatly interests me, or perhaps it would be better to say, confuses me. As I have addressed the issue previously on this blog, as a printmaker of traditional prints such as engravings and woodcuts, as well as a printer of silver gelatin prints, I just can’t ever quite get my head around the idea of ‘editioning’ photo prints.  However, I do it once in a while too, so I am not an innocent.

Without regurgitating the whole range of issues around that topic, I just want to pass on an interesting item from the November 2008 issue of Vogue magazine.  It carries the Vogue ad for:

1 Limited Release

10 Exclusive Photos

100 Percent Vogue

and then notes at the bottom that: “A select group of iconic Vogue photographs is now available as limited-edition prints….and will be numbered, stamped, and accompanied by a letter of authenticity….printed on bamboo paper, using archival pigment inks.” By bamboo paper I guess they mean, but don’t know, Hahnemühle Bamboo fine art inkjet paper.

Seems Vogue has upped the ante by adding a ‘letter of authenticity.’

To me the whole thing raises many questions.  I guess the main one is, will it work as a marketing tool?  I am looking forward to some lively discussion on this topic, if not on this blog, but surely somewhere in the ‘photo world.’

PS.  I would be interested in hearing from anybody who has used Hahnemühle Bamboo Fine Art Paper.  I am really taken with Museo Silver Rag.

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Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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One Response to “Vogue” – editioning & “1 Limited Release”

  1. Kimo says:

    Yes, I’ve been obsessed with researching editioning. I think I finally get it. There is definitely a method. In essence, it is a way to commit to an inventory and pricing. It’s neat because you can place a specific value on inventory assets and basically, plan your projected income. I’m now rearranging my inventory to better match the market.

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