WaterWoman @ the Jiffy

The 'new Jiffy'

The ‘new Jiffy’

The ‘new Jiffy’ in Cedar Key, Florida. Although it is close to thirty years old, it is still referred to as the new Jiffy, to distinguish it from the ‘old’ Jiffy, which is downtown, next to the Post Office.

Diana at the Jiffy

Diana at the Jiffy

Diana, one of the Cedar Key WaterWomen, with one of her sons on her hip,inside the Jiffy.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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4 Responses to WaterWoman @ the Jiffy

  1. i really love these!

  2. Hey thanks MB! I really got bitten by ‘the bug’ to do some CK digital photos this way. At first,I was not sure, but now I love the way I can get the color, and I love the imperfection and quirky things I get when doing these simple ‘joiners.’

  3. stopped by again and just thought…. isn’t it funny how the jiffy is still called the “new” jiffy. It’s as old as dirt now!! I heard someone call it the Chevron station once. I thought that was funny because I didn’t know what they were talking about!

  4. When part of the school burned down a few years ago, some old timer was heard to say, ‘not again.’ You see, parts of it had burned down in ’41.

    I hear the term ‘highway jiffy’ a lot now.

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