“Of Friends, Film, and Photography….”

My friend Linda stopped by today and we discussed making a whole slew of prints for an upcoming event in which she is involved. We went over paper choices and printing costs. Hopefully we will end up making a bunch of 13×19 b&w prints. I was surprised to figure that the material cost for each print would probably be around $6.70 per print. That is figuring in the cost of ink and paper, and some leeway for making test prints, or messing up a print. I probably underestimated the cost. To come up with some paper choices I relied on Chase Jarvis’s blog post Printing & Hanging a Photography Show

I first ran across mentioning of Chase Jarvis on the APE’s blog. Jarvis was catching all kinds of flak from readers who did not like his photography, his persona, nor apparently anything else about this guy. Well, I went and looked him up and found him to a lot of fun and interesting, although he is a bit full of it sometimes, but hey – he is doing what he likes to do and in the process seems to employ a bunch of people who also like what they are doing. Isn’t that what most of us would really like to be doing? So, giving him a lot of crap seems to me to be just plain envy, nothing less. Do look him up.

This brings me around to what I want to say about friends like Linda. We all need them, somebody who believes in our work, pushes it when they get a chance , and models for us when we want to work on a personal project, letting our creativity take over. This portrait of Linda was done a while back indoors, where there was not much light, without lights or reflectors.I used my cheap Yashica SLR, Fuiji Neopan 1600 film, and a 50mm lens. For a while I had subscribed to the conventional wisdom that one needed an 80 to 100 mm lens for 35mm portrait work. Well, I found that I like working with a 50mm better. I could get closer to the subject, and really see what was happening, and interact much better on a personal level. Like everything else in photography/art, it really comes down to finding ones own way of working. Others can give advice, but as I tell my students, if you develop your film by sticking it into a toilet bowl and flushing, and your film comes out to your liking, GO FOR IT!

A brief note about Fuiji Neopan 1600. I keep mentioning it because I used it almost exclusively. However, I want to point out that since the fading of film photography, many films and papers and cameras have disappeared. I was totally shocked to discover that there seems to be some sort of ‘scalping’ going on in the film trade. There is a place on Amazon that is advertising the cost of ONE roll of Neopan 1600 as being $62.93. That is insane, and I sure hope none of the readers of this blog will ever pay that kind of price for a roll of film. I guess the film is basically no longer available – I really want to make it clear that my mentioning the film does not mean that I suggest you go out and buy some at a ridiculous price!

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Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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4 Responses to “Of Friends, Film, and Photography….”

  1. Grant Dixon says:

    Linda’s eyes just seem to say it all.

    Seems I am in the same boat as you as I’m franticly working out costs of hanging a show. It is important as I suspect there will be more out put than in put to the event so I want to be frugal but not cheap.

    For what it is worth I like Chase Jarvis.

  2. the woman in the photo has one beautiful face

  3. Hi Grant – a million thanks for your feed-back. Well, I think people like Chase and others are ‘giving us permission’ to be a bit more frugal hanging shows. I don’t know if you saw my previous post on the subject, but my current show is up on the wall with just push-pins.

    Take care – christian

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